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Some unique features that Panelfire has are
– Service estimated completion time (Calculates the average delivery time from the last 7 days)
– Affiliate system
– Intelligent anti fraud system
– Automatic SMS verification to enable specific payment methods of your choice
– Stylish and responsive design
– Unique, well-built support system with email notifications
– Order overview
– Economy overview (profit, paid to supplier) with detailed report
– Services overview (which services have been sold best at all times)
– Your own start count system for eg. Instagram followers and 20 more
– Easy to add custom APIs
– Smart scheduled orders
– Drip-feed orders
– Autoservice (also called autolike)
– Secure auth system
– Multi-language

Supported payment methods:
Pay pal, Webmoney, Stripe, Perfect Money, Mycelium Gear (Bitcoin), Payza, PayTM, Coinpayments

More features:
• Login / Register with remember me
• Ability to recover password
• Email verification
• Order page with live feedback (if balance is enough, if entered quantity is between min and max)
• Stylish modern news
• Ranks: User / Admin
• Mass order page with service list to avoid switching between two pages
• Ability to mark service as featured, special effect on the name
• Custom content under pages
• Order history with ability to reschedule and cancel orders
• API with support for both POST & GET requests (JSON)
• API Methods: add order, cancel order, add autoservice, get service
list or request data for specific service, order status, autoservice
status, balance
• Ability to generate new API Key
• PHP Example provided for API
• Ability to redeem code to fill balance
• Deposit history
• Avatars provided by
• Ability to change password, email and turn on/off email notifications
• Ability to see IP data as admin
• See amount of orders, deposit and tickets for each user
• Ban user in days
• Soft-delete user
• Set custom service price for each user (percentage to avoid manual updates)
• Manage payment methods for each user (enable/disable)
• SMS activation history
• Affiliate history
• Autoservice orders
• Ability to create user as admin
• Ability to see balance for each API if supported
• Each custom API has its own API type.
• API: low balance email notification if less than X
• News with color themes
• Ability to simply cancel & refund or delete orders as bulk
• Ability to resend failed orders to API again
• Plan a discount with start and finish time for each service
• Auto-close ticket
• Ability to edit support answers
• Settings to customize the panel as you like
• 6 different SMS providers are supported, Nexmo is recommended.
• Ability to ban IP with expire date and reason
• and many more…

The panel is delivered in its current state without any support or
future updates. Only answers to general questions and an easy
installation guide is included. The panel is stable and works great, has great potential to further
develop and become one of a kind. As much as we have enjoyed developing it, we
hope you further develop it.

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